Are you looking to be more hands on with WordPress and you are not sure where to get started? That is where we come in.

In today’s times, many people are looking to up-skill and be able to update their own website’s. However, there is an uncertainty to what plugins, themes and payment facilities to use. Heck, what are plugins, themes and online payments? How best to use these? What is the best bang for buck?

What about editing images? Do you know that images need to be optimised for web and that load times effect your rankings in Google. There is free software that one can make use of to achieve results almost as good as PhotoShop itself. Most of the time, we have noticed people are not aware of where they can cut costs. What is a must and what is not?

The best time to start is right now. The hardest step to take is always the second step. 

When you break your task/s up into achievable goals and finally understand what is going on. That’s when magic starts to happen. Up-skill, yes please!

We are happy to provide training and support! With a combined 49 years in the digital industry, not just in Web Development, but Design, Marketing, Print, Technical Expertise…

Who do these training lessons apply to:

  • Novice and Intermediate users
  • Those wanting to be more hands on
  • Wanting to take your website a step further
  • Improve your own offerings to your clients. Example, online products, online training, online courses…

One on one training or group training

Up-skill your WordPress knowledge

Everything fits together. It’s like riding a bike. Sounds cheesy right? Once you understand how everything fits together, you can apply that knowledge time and time again.

There is no real quick fix to achieve lasting results. The best way forward is to learn, then understand and then implement. As hair product commercials always say, “Rinse, Wash, Re-peat.” The same goes for web. The best results come from applying your knowledge!